Round tablecloths and other table coverings

Round Tablecloths

Round tablecloths are the perfect fit for round tables, and look great on square ones.

The obvious reason for buying yourself new round tablecloths is to put them on round tables, but a round table linen set can also be used on square tables.  Take a square tablecloth in a nice bright, vibrant color, maybe red, blue, or yellow, place it on the table and use a plain white round tablecloth over the top. The effect will be classy and different. You could even reverse the color scheme and have a white square tablecloth underneath. Nice lacy round tablecloths used over plain color ones give that extra special effect to the dining table.  Round vinyl tablecloths offer more functionality, as they’re very easy to clean and won’t wear down.

Round tablecloths come in a number of different sizes and some people prefer them to be just slightly smaller than their round table, while others prefer the edges to hang down the sides. If you have a particular preference make sure that you measure the diameter of your table before you buy your round tablecloths. Some of the most popular sizes are the 70″ round tablecloth, the 90″ round tablecloth, the 120 inch round tablecloth, and a 60 inch table cover for smaller tables.

The next choice will be the fabric that you want. Lace or fake lace round table cloths look expensive, hang beautifully and give the table a really sophisticated look but they tend to be a bad idea if you have small children, or messy teenagers sitting at you table. Things like tomato ketchup, ice cream, chocolate, coke and coffee can really make a mess and can be difficult to remove from white lace. Your beautiful round table runners can be ruined in seconds. If this is likely to be a problem choose a washable, easy care fabric.

You can buy round table skirts for formal dining, family meals, patio tables, small side tables and just for decoration. A damask fabric tablecloth from the range of round tablecloths at Wholesale Table Linens on the internet will look very impressive in any room. A new cloth can often give the room a lift and really brighten it up. There are fabulous damask designs ranging from traditional floral patterns to leaf designs and cloths with floral raised patterns in shades of the same color.

Round tablecloths made of spandex are modern and eye catching as well as durable and easy care. These will not split, tear, or crease with use like conventional fabrics do and they can be brought out time and again to really enhance the table and the room. Your new spandex round tablecloths will stretch to fit the table. A round tablecloth made from spandex and with a maximum diameter of thirty-six inches costs $103 from Wholesale Table Linens. Larger sizes come in at $118 for a 48 inch width and $139 for 72 inches.

Whichever round tablecloth you select ensure that it is the right size for your table and fit for purpose.  Buy a few and then you have them for all occasions, whether it’s a formal dinner or a patio meal for the family. There are lots of fabrics available but the Spandex round tablecloths are the ones that are the most sophisticated and last the longest. Measure your table and go and choose you ideal round tablecloths now.