Round tablecloths and other table coverings

90 Inch Round Tablecloth

The 90 inch round tablecloth comes in many colors and styles.

Why would you want a 90 inch round tablecloth?  Well the answer to that question might seem fairly obvious. You would want it to cover a ninety inch round table. Well, it is not as simple as that. A 90 round tablecloth can be used on a smaller round table if you want to have nice pleats hanging down all around the side of the table.

A 90 inch round tablecloth on a seventy or eighty inch round table looks really very good and quite luxurious, but there is a serious down side to this. This much tablecloth hanging down over the edge can be a danger to small children, or pets who might pull it. To avoid this, invest in some tablecloth clips to hold the tablecloth in place. If you want to make your 90 round tablecloth look extra special you could put a slightly smaller cloth on top of it, so that you get a border in contrasting color. Alternatively put a 90 inch round tablecloth made of lace over another the same size, but of a contrasting color. If you are really artistic you could make this match your wallpaper, or even your curtains, or the sofa in your room.

A 90 inch round tablecloth may be difficult to find, especially if you are looking for a specific color, or fabric, but you will usually find something if you search the internet. Some web sites will even allow you have some fabric samples to examine in the comfort of your own home and this is an excellent way to make sure that it will match your decor. Beware though, because some people have ordered samples of fabric for a 90 inch round tablecloth and fallen in love with a particular design. They then had to refurbish their lounge room, or dining room to match the tablecloth.

Amazon has a 90-inch round tablecloth that comes in a range of color but it was the cranberry that caught my eye with its laurel leaf linen design. These 90 inch round tablecloths are made of  linen, mixed with thirty percent polyester which is fantastic because it doesn’t crease as easily as pure linen and is much easier to wash and iron. It can be matched with place mats and napkins in the same color, or contrasting if you prefer. The cranberry cloth would look great with the white napkins and place mats and could be a real centre piece at holiday time if it is teamed with the golden sage colored napkins and place mats.

This particular 90 inch round tablecloth comes in white, platinum and golden sage too, but I really do not think you can beat the cranberry version. It has such an expensive looking shimmer to the fabric which will stay there as long you only wash your tablecloth in cold, or warm water. It looks like $100 tablecloth but costs $59.99 with free shipping. Certainly a great buy if you like that cranberry color.