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Bistro Tables

Bistro tables are perfect for both indoor and outdoor dining, with many sets that include chairs for sale to give you a stylish furniture piece.

While many people sit in front of the television these days to dine, there are others that like the ease and practicality of sitting at a table. While a larger dining table is the most common way of doing this, it is also possible to get smaller tables for this purpose. If you are looking for a stylish and attractive option for dining then bistro tables are furniture pieces to consider for your home.

Bistro tables can also be known as cafe tables and the style originated in small restaurants and cafes. However over the years it has transitioned into the home and many people like the style. Bistro style tables typically feature a small round or square tabletop. This is not intended for family dining but is more suited to a couple of people having a meal or 3 or 4 people enjoying a coffee.

The classic bistro table look has a central pedestal supporting the tabletop with a cross foot base providing stability. However it is also possible to get bistro tables with three or four legs. However these are typically not straight legs in the style of a standard table but rather curved in a more elegant style to provide an attractive look.

There are few materials that are typically used in the manufacture of bistro tables. Aluminum or other silver color metals are a popular and practical style and both tabletops and bases can be fashioned from this. However other materials used for the pedestal and base include wood and plastic. For the tabletop, wood, plastic, glass and marble are some of the options to choose from.

If you are looking to bring the bistro table style into your home there are a couple of options to choose from. Lower tables with standard chairs are one of these and many people like this for the comfort it provides. It is also possible to get a taller table which is used with stools and these tables are also set at a height where it is possible to easily stand at them. They can be used in many locations in a home although a kitchen is where they will be most commonly found. However rooms such as a conservatory also lend themselves well to the style.

As well as indoor use, bistro tables can also be a good option for outdoor areas such as a patio. They are typically manufactured of solid, durable material which is capable of dealing with the elements and can easily be placed on a patio or in a garden area. Many people enjoy alfresco dining and coffee drinking and the bistro style of table is perfect for this.

It need not be expensive to have the bistro table style in your home with many tables available for less than $100. A set with chairs or stools can be purchased in a number of outlets for $100 to $200. However the cost will dependent to a large extent on the material of construction and more expensive sets can cost $400 plus.

Bistro tables are an elegant style which are useful for sitting with a coffee or having a light meal. They can bring a touch of the European look to your home and this is appealing to many people. They are widely available and finding a table that suits your style and the budget you have available should be a relatively straightforward task.