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Folding Tables

The many uses of folding tables range from picnic and banquet events for dining to card tables for poker, camping for outdoor use and more.

Most homes have a range of furniture pieces that provide both a practical and decorative purpose. Tables are one of these and they are available in various sizes from smaller coffee and side tables to larger dining tables. Most people will have a number of these in the rooms of their home to suit their needs. If you live in a smaller house or apartment it may be that you do not have the space available to have a table permanently set up. In this case folding tables can be a good option to consider.

Folding tables come in a few different styles. If you have a smaller kitchen or dining room which is not big enough to easily accommodate a dining table it is possible to purchase one which has a drop leaf construction. When not in use it is simple to fold the legs of the table together and the drop leaf flaps can be placed in the folded down position. This provides more space to move around and means the table is less likely to get in the way. However when the table is needed the flaps are simply moved to their horizontal position and the legs of the table moved into place to securely hold the flaps. This can be a simple space saving solution for a smaller room.

Drop leaf style folding tables are intended to be left in one position at all the times with the flaps raised or lowered as required. These types of tables can come with a round or square tabletop and are available in a few sizes. The Winsome Hannah 42 inch Round Drop Leaf Dining table is an example of this and costs $150 to purchase. It is manufactured of solid wood in a light oak finish. Typically the cost of these drop leaf style tables will depend on size and material. Affordable tables will typically cost around the $100 mark although more expensive models can easily cost $500 plus.

It is also possible to get folding tables that fold completely flat for easy storage. These can be used indoors to provide a little more table space when required or they can be a good idea for a patio or garden area. The benefit of having a table that folds flat is easy storage. They can generally be set up quickly when needed, although can be taken down and put into storage just as easily. As they fold flat they do not take up a lot of space in storage and most people will be able to find a place for them in their home. An affordable example of this is the Crate and Barrel folding table/desk. This costs around $85 to purchase and can be put up in seconds. It can also be folded completely flat for compact storage. The table is manufactured from steel and engineered wood for a contemporary look and provides a handy surface for dining or working.

The Vifah 5 piece folding table set is intended for outdoor use on a patio. This is manufactured from wood and features an oval folding table and chair set. While it is durable and weather resistant it can easily be folded flat and stored to avoid it being outside in the worst of the weather. This is a more expensive set which costs around $650 to purchase.

Folding tables can be an excellent idea for those that do not have the space to have a table permanently set in place. They can be found in many furniture and home improvement retailers and a quick search online will also provide a range of tables to select from. They are a practical solution when lack of space is an issue in your home and this makes them worth considering.