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Plastic Table Skirts

Plastic table skirts are perfect table covers for parties and more.

Plastic table skirts may be something that you have never given any thought to and you probably did not even know they existed if you have never used them. A plastic table skirt is designed to make tables look great at parties and the skirt hangs down to hide the legs of the table. These come in a variety of colors and they are usually chosen to match the party theme colors.

Imagine you are organizing a twenty first birthday party in a hall and looking to liven up the place. This is the kind of situation in which plastic table skirts are ideal. The skirting comes on a large roll and you unroll it and cut it to the right size to fit around your tables. Most brands of plastic table skirt have an adhesive strip all along the top so that the skirt can be tightened to fit it snugly.

Imagine how good a hot pink plastic skirt fixed around each table and topped with a black, or white cloth would look. The thing to look out for is the drop. Make sure that it is enough for the tables you are using. A twenty seven inch drop is usual and you can fit plastic table skirting around any shape of table whether it is square, round, oval, or long. It will make those long wooden trestle tables look good.  These plastic table covers will certainly liven up your parties, garden fetes, barbecues, and fund raising events.

If you go to somewhere like Mypapershop online, you find a range of patterns and colors, all so easy to use. There are chocolate brown skirts, checkered ones, stripes, and brick red. In fact there is almost anything you could imagine. These are useful for formal functions. A dark brown plastic table skirt would give a formal air to a meeting, or white would set off the tables for a wedding. Each table skirt fits a table about 8 feet around, so you might need to use more than one, or cut one to size. If you buy in bulk you can get six for $28.95.

There is a potential down side to plastic table skirts because they are made of plastic. Ensure that the brand you buy is safe. Candles, smoking or any number of things could cause fire and the last thing you need is toxic fumes from your plastic table skirts. Buy skirts that are fireproof and guaranteed safe. It is always tempting to go for a cheaper option when it comes along but check out this important factor before deciding.

Plastic table skirts are reusable time and time again as long as they are carefully stored away. If you find that these runners are too long for your tables, you can always cut them to fit but it might be wise to avoid this if you might want to use them over again because you could find them too short next time. These really are a great, fun, inexpensive idea to brighten up any special event.